Bulgarian Orthodox Church “St Nikolai Miracle maker”, San Diego

Българска Православна църква “Св. Николай Чудотворец”, Сан Диего

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church „St. Nikolai Wonderworker“ in San Diego was established in late 2010 with the signatures of more than 150 supporters who declared they will be willing to contribute to the establishment, growth and development of our Church.

Our first event for gathering support was held on St. Nikolai Wonderworker’s Feast Day – December 6th, 2010. Our church municipality voted on the name of the newly established church and 76% of the votes were in favor of the “St. Nikolai Wonderworker” as the name and patron of our Orthodox Church in San Diego.

The official registration as a non-profit religious organization was granted to our Church in April 2011.

The founding members of our Church were 7 enthusiastic professionals with different skills and experience who built the foundations of our organization with passion, great faith and very hard work. They were the Initiative Committee, which later transformed into the Board of Directors, after our Church was granted all registrations, following California and Federal laws.

Years later, we stand proudly as a stronger, more united community with even more abundant faith that our goals will be reached. With the enormous help of the Serbian Church „St. George“ and the Serbian parish in San Diego, the Bulgarian church organizes  regular services – Divine Liturgy – with a Bulgarian priest once a month (link to the Calendar section) at „St. George“ 3025 Denver St, San Diego, California 92117.  We are forever grateful to our brothers in faith for helping us in this difficult time.

Our Church organizes fundraising events at every major Orthodox Christian celebration. We also organize fundraising events for the less fortunate members of the community who need help in difficult situations.  We have held many major fundraising events as well as different services with Bulgarian priests – Divine Liturgies and other services.

We are proud to be the organization that helps the Bulgarian community in San Diego stand together. We thrive to help Bulgarians help other Bulgarians succeed in San Diego. For two consecutive years, our Church has issued the Bulgarian Business Catalog (link to the Catalog) in an effort to support all members of our community who are entrepreneurs and/or have their own businesses here. By growing their business, they will be helping other Bulgarians in the future.  Every year, we also organize The Bulgarian Business Expo where Bulgarian products and services are being offered with the goal of supporting Bulgarian goods and services in San Diego and the vicinity.

With the strong support of the whole Bulgarian community, we have managed to raise above $20,000. These funds will be used to purchase our own land for building our own Church. They are not enough for this ambition project and all donations are greatly appreciated. We sincerely thank the many wonderful people who have continuously been volunteering, donating and supporting the Bulgarian Orthodox Church “St. Nikolai Wonderworker”!

May God bless you!

With strong faith, many great efforts and hard work, we all hope and pray that our own Church building will be a reality soon. With God’s help, we remain united and strong working in this direction.

While we are building our website you can visit our facebook page where you can see all the current events and services. To contact us please send us an email to . Thank you.